Mourning Badge and Lapel Pin

The Seattle Police Honor Guard is offering Mourning Badges for sworn personnel.  Sworn personnel are authorized to wear these special badges following a line of duty death or during National Police Week.  Your serial number will be engraved on the badge.  Lieutenants and above may also choose to receive a gold badge.

We are also offering lapel pins for both sworn and non-sworn personnel.  Civilians may wear these lapel pins to honor officers who are killed in the line of duty.  (Please note that Lapel Pins will NOT display your serial number.)

Badges - $85 donation for each
Lapel Pins - $15 donation for each

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When can I place my order?                                                                                              The last day to place an order is March 5, 2021.

When will I receive my item(s)?                                                                                  Items will be delivered in late April or early May.  They will be delivered to the location you specified on the order form. 

I meant to order a complimentary mourning badge last summer but I did not get one.  Is it too late to get a complimentary badge?                                                Yes.  The complimentary badge offer was a one-time only program and is no longer available.

How can I confirm if my order was received?                                                                You should receive an email confirmation once your order is placed.  If you believe that you placed an order but did not receive a confirmation email, please contact

Will the lapel pins display my serial number?                                                          No, lapel pins will not display your serial number.  Only badges for sworn personnel will display a serial number.

Who is eligible to order badges and lapel pins?                                                            Only SPD sworn personnel may order badges.  Both sworn and civilian personnel may order lapel pins.

Who is eligible to order a gold badge?                                                                          Lieutenants and above may order a gold badge if desired.

Can I order a badge with my title displayed?                                                        Since all badges must now display the officer's serial number, badges with the title displayed are no longer available.