SPD officers saving lives on and off duty. It's simply in their nature. Great work, Sergeant Martin!

Off Duty Seattle Police Sgt. Gives CPR To Driver In Distress
July 22, 2016
(SEATTLE, WA.) -- Seattle Police say an off-duty department Sgt. ended up giving life-saving CPR on the side of a Bellevue road last week after witnessing a one-car crash while on her way to get a haircut.

South Precinct Sergeant Ann Martin was driving through Bellevue’s Lakemont neighborhood just before 1:30 pm on Friday July 15th when she saw a vehicle in front of her cross over the center line in the road.

“I thought he was on his cellphone, but he stayed over the center line,” said Martin, “which told me there was something else going on.”

When the driver veered back over the center line and crashed into a concrete barrier Martin pulled over and approached the crashed car.

Inside, she found an unconscious driver along with his 12-year-old son and their small dog. The driver did not have a pulse and was struggling to breathe so with help from another driver who had stopped at the scene, Martin got the man out of the driver’s seat and began CPR.

Bellevue Police and Fire Department EMTs arrived and took over treating the 42-year-old man. 

As medics were treating the man, Martin walked over to talk to the 12-year-old to say, “Keep your dad in your prayers...I wanted him to know I did my best.”

Medics took the man to Overlake Medical Center where he is now recovering.