Officer William Dowsing and Officer Bryan Weber

On October 5, 2016, Officers William Dowsing and Bryan Weber were on patrol when they came across a van stopped in the middle of a lane on Aurora Avenue.

Dowsing and Weber found a man in his 60’s slumped over, unresponsive, and barely breathing. The officers requested Seattle Fire Department response and then quickly pulled the victim out of his van and carried him to the sidewalk. He was still unresponsive and without a pulse. Officer Weber retrieved the AED from the patrol car while Officer Dowsing began CPR. The AED indicated that a shock was advised. The shock was applied and Dowsing and Weber resumed CPR and monitored the AED until SFD arrived to continue rescue efforts.

SFD personnel continued CPR for several minutes until the victim’s heart started to beat on its own. He was transported to Northwest Hospital and survived. SFD personnel at the scene stated that the officers’ actions had certainly saved the man’s life. Officers Dowsing and Weber’s alert patrolling, rapid perception, teamwork and application of their training resulted in a citizen’s life being saved. Their actions are a credit to themselves and to the Seattle Police Department.

Nominated by: Acting Lieutenant Diana Freese and Sergeant Pete Schrantz

Lifesaving Awards are awarded to sworn or civilian employees for acting in a significant manner, but not necessarily putting themselves in significant risk, to save or prolong another’s life, either by acting when the life of another was in immediate peril or assisting in the delivery of a child. Nominees must have acted within department policy.