Officer Kevin Oshikawa-Clay 

Seattle Police Officer and Certified EMT Kevin Oshikawa-Clay knows what it’s like to be in the right place at the right time. Officer Oshikawa-Clay was enjoying an evening soccer match at Asa Mercer Middle School and ultimately provided life-saving CPR to a man who suffered cardiac arrest.

Midway through the soccer game, a 42-year-old man on the opposing team collapsed. Oshikawa-Clay and one of his teammates, a doctor, rushed to his side. He and the doctor observed the patient wasn’t breathing. Oshikawa-Clay launched into CPR. Other soccer players ran to the school to get an automated external defibrillator (AED). Officer Oshikawa-Clay and the doctor deployed the AED, delivering one shock. Seattle Fire Medics arrived soon after and delivered another shock with their own AED. He supported the patient with CPR for nearly 10 minutes.

The patient has made a full recovery thanks to proper training, equipment, and quick thinking from Officer Oshikawa-Clay.

Nominated by: SPD Public Affairs

Lifesaving Awards are awarded to sworn or civilian employees for acting in a significant manner, but not necessarily putting themselves in significant risk, to save or prolong another’s life, either by acting when the life of another was in immediate peril or assisting in the delivery of a child. Nominees must have acted within department policy.