Officer Mike Virgilio 

In September 2017, a physical confrontation occurred between a group of people while they loitered behind a bank. A male passerby attempted to intervene but was attacked with a box knife. The blade punctured the victim’s neck and nicked an artery. Officer Mike Virgilio arrived within a minute of the broadcasted call. Once he arrived, he found the victim on the pavement. The victim suffered a serious arterial bleed that needed to be stopped. Officer Virgilio acted quickly and decisively when he noted the area of the wound, placing his fist over the wound and applying pressure. He directed Officer Matt Clark to bring medical supplies so the wound could be packed. The officers continued to treat the victim even after Seattle Fire Department medics arrived. Officer Virgilio continued to apply pressure to the wound until the victim had been loaded into the medic unit by SFD.

There is no doubt that Officer Virgilio’s response and actions at the scene of this incident remarkably increased the victim’s chance of survival.

Officer Mike Virgilio is an example of the high level of expert policing that is being completed by officers from the West precinct and he should be commended for his efforts.

Nominated by: Sergeant Richard Bourns

Lifesaving Awards are awarded to sworn or civilian employees for acting in a significant manner, but not necessarily putting themselves in significant risk, to save or prolong another’s life, either by acting when the life of another was in immediate peril or assisting in the delivery of a child. Nominees must have acted within department policy.