Detective Fran Smith

Detective Fran Smith was in Las Vegas October 1, 2017, attending the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival with her daughter and friends when the worst mass shooting in US history happened. Detective Smith’s actions on this horrific night were heroic as she guided herself and others to safety while also providing first aid to injured people she encountered along the way. She was able to revert to her training as a Seattle Police officer and remain calm. Detective Smith was able to tactically find the best escape for herself and others in her group, all after being separated from her daughter. Throughout the evening, she came across several injured people, so she stopped to give first aid. Detective Smith identified herself as a Seattle Police officer and used whatever means possible to give medical aid, including removing her shirt to be used as a tourniquet. She instructed people around her to apply pressure to gunshot wounds and to keep the pressure on until they were in an aid vehicle en route to a hospital. Detective Smith helped load the injured in trucks so they could be transported to hospitals. She was able to finally escape to a safe place that was sheltering people in place and was reunited
with her daughter.

Detective Smith’s actions without a doubt helped save lives on this tragic night. She is more than worthy of being recognized for her heroism and courage on this tragic day.

Nominated by: Detective Kim Anderson

Lifesaving Awards are awarded to sworn or civilian employees for acting in a significant manner, but not necessarily putting themselves in significant risk, to save or prolong another’s life, either by acting when the life of another was in immediate peril or assisting in the delivery of a child. Nominees must have acted within department policy.