Detective Terry Bailey, Detective Mike Santiago, and Detective Robert Sevaaetasi




A violent criminal gang from outside Seattle became embroiled in a war with a local Seattle gang. Veteran Detectives Robert Sevaaetasi and Miko Santiago along with newly assigned Gang Detective Terry Bailey were assigned the majority of these cases. Over the course of several months and in collaboration with other police agencies, the Detectives investigated and brought a conclusion to the street war between the Tuk Town Gangsters and the Holly Park Gangsters.

Because of the seemingly random nature of the shootings, locating and arresting the suspects in these cases became a high priority for the Detectives, the Violent Crimes Unit, and the Command Staff of the Department.

In many of the shooting cases there was little evidence placing each suspect at the crime scene. The Detectives used the physical evidence they had, along with information gleaned in other interviews to solicit a voluntary confession from each suspect. Based on the expert interview skills of each Detective, the suspects put themselves at the scene of the crimes in their confessions.

For their dedication and tenacity in completing these cases, Detectives Sevaaetasi, Santiago, and Bailey are deserving of an Excellence Award.

Nominated by: Sergeant Andrew Zwaschka

Excellence awards are highly competitive, and up to 10 awards in this category are given out each year to individuals or small teams. Emphasis is placed on performance of duties at a particularly high level where the individual or small team has shown a proven consistency of this level of performance, has tackled a long-standing problem through a creative solution, or has gone above and beyond the expectations of their position to impact a person or event for the better.