Officer Michael Henry

Officer Michael Henry has been a member of the SPD Motorcycle Unit since 1988 and has been Drillmaster for the Seattle Police Motorcycle Drill Team since 2014. Officer Henry has developed the routines that countless families and children have enjoyed at the Torchlight Parade and other performances. Officer Henry is a lead motorcycle instructor and trains potential future Motorcycle Unit candidates for SPD and for all law enforcement agencies in the State.

Officer Henry hosts the Seattle Police Motorcycle Drill Team Talent Show every year, which has become one of the largest annual events at SPD. For nearly 30 years, he has represented the Seattle Police Department with professionalism, excellence, and integrity as a motorcycle officer. He is being recognized for all he has done for our community, for the police motorcycle community, and for the Seattle Police Department.

Nominated by: Captain Eric Sano, Lieutenant Bryan Clenna, and Sergeant Randy Ward

​​Excellence awards are highly competitive, and up to 10 awards in this category are given out each year to individuals or small teams. Emphasis is placed on performance of duties at a particularly high level where the individual or small team has shown a proven consistency of this level of performance, has tackled a long-standing problem through a creative solution, or has gone above and beyond the expectations of their position to impact a person or event for the better.