Leah Saunders

Within her first few months at SPD, Civilian Leah Saunders’ skills and expertise were above and beyond the expectations of her job.

Ms. Sanders was able to take on a high-priority task of completing a Public Disclosure Request for over 160 million records of officer vehicle GPS data. While processing the data, Ms. Sanders was also requested to assist in tracking forensic video locations. In a short turnaround time, Leah created an application for the Forensic Video Recovery team. She converted a large spreadsheet of surveillance video, addresses, and comments into a searchable map that allows users to see where videos were taken. Leah’s application helps investigators efficiently locate potential sources of surveillance video for investigation.

Ms. Sanders has shown that she’s passionate about data, mapping, and providing the right information and tools so that various SPD teams can excel at their jobs. Ms. Sanders is an asset to SPD, a team player, and is a strong candidate for the Excellence Award.

Nominated by: Rita Lee

Excellence awards are highly competitive, and up to 10 awards in this category are given out each year to individuals or small teams. Emphasis is placed on performance of duties at a particularly high level where the individual or small team has shown a proven consistency of this level of performance, has tackled a long-standing problem through a creative solution, or has gone above and beyond the expectations of their position to impact a person or event for the better.