Johnny Fong, Cesar Hidalgo-Landeros, Karim Miller, Travis Smith, and Jesus Valenzuela






The SPD Video Unit did an outstanding job creating an educational video that was designed to dispel the myths and stereotypes of transgender individuals in order to better connected SPD with Seattle’s transgender community.

Members of the Video Unit asked interview questions that were thoughtfully designed and respectfully asked to everyone featured in the video. At the end of the shoot, all of those interviewed were thrilled about working on such an important project.

The Video Unit team spent weeks viewing and processing the video. All of the individuals nominated had their own specific duties, including filming, editing, and graphics.

The final product was a video that was so exquisitely produced, it brought tears to the eyes of nearly everyone who viewed it.

This video would not have been possible without the enthusiasm, dedication, professionalism, and compassion that the SPD Video Unit staff demonstrated during production.

Nominated by: Officer Jim Ritter

Excellence awards are highly competitive, and up to 10 awards in this category are given out each year to individuals or small teams. Emphasis is placed on performance of duties at a particularly high level where the individual or small team has shown a proven consistency of this level of performance, has tackled a long-standing problem through a creative solution, or has gone above and beyond the expectations of their position to impact a person or event for the better.