Officer Christopher Couet and Officer Jamison Maehler

Working first watch is tough. Officers Christopher Couet and Jamison Maehler work this shift and not only are they the first ones at roll call every day, but they are always smiling and keeping up the spirits of other officers.

On their own, they are each fiercely self-motivated but when they partner up, their enthusiasm grows at an exponential rate. They really enjoy working and share the same simple goal – catching bad guys.

Officer Couet was recently able to intervene and stop an in-progress rape he discovered while conducting a proactive patrol. Officer Maehler has made several on-view, in-progress burglary arrests in the last few months.

Officers Maehler and Couet work hard during every shift. Their positive attitudes and tireless work ethics are an inspiration to those around them. It’s a joy to see young officers like them setting the pace for law and order in our community.

Nominated by: Acting Sergeant Frank Poblocki