Police Service Enhancements

The Seattle Police Foundation supports the latest in policing technologies. By investing in the latest crime-fighting and lifesaving tech, SPF is able to help keep our front line officers and the public safe from harm. SPF has helped fund a variety of these initiatives, including cutting-edge bicycle helmets to insure officer safety and advanced bike training to keep both officers and the public safe during protests. The Foundation has also helped purchase personal tourniquets and body armor carriers, all to help those who sacrifice for us, stay safe on the streets.

For additional information about SPF's support for police service enhancements, please read below or visit our grants page


Bike Training and Equipment - safety equipment and training for the SPD Bike Squad

Canine Unit - high-quality dogs and protective equipment for the SPD Canine Unit

Care Under Fire Trauma Kits - medical supplies to treat injuries

Combat Application Tourniquets - treatment for severe wounds

Forensic Video Acquisition Field Kit - portable workstations to aid in evidence collection

Interpol / Detective Shilling - funding to support investigations of child abuse

Mounted Patrol - equipment, financial support, and facility upgrades for the SPD Mounted Patrol