Combat Application Tourniquet


Police across the U.S. not only fight crime, but also respond to serious automobile and household accidents.  As first responders, they know they may have to administer initial first aide to injured victims or to fellow officers - the leading cause of preventable police officer deaths is severe hemorrhaging from a penetrating injury.

Seattle Police Foundation funded the purchase of 1,000 Combat Application Tourniquets and holders to be deployed to officers on the front line. These life saving devices are designed to be held on an officer’s vest or gear for rapid, life-saving deployment. Equipment like this is crucial when time is of the essence. Officers may be under fire and in an unfavorable tactical environment, unable to use conventional methods to stop hemorrhaging. Wounds that might otherwise be life threatening to an officer or victim can quickly become survivable using this equipment.

Your support of Seattle Police Foundation provides clear, measureable results for making Seattle safer:

  • Increased Officer/Citizen safety with these rapid, life saving devices now deployed on the street.
  • Officers expressed gratitude for being provided with an important, life-saving piece of equipment.