Bike Training and Equipment

 SPF is proud to financially support safer bicycle helmets and specialized crowd management training for SPD’s Bike Squads. These funds supported both officer and public safety.

Despite the challenges police officers have recently faced, SPD’s Bike Squads have been able to use cutting edge helmets that provided them with added safety and flexibility in the field.  SPD Bike Squads additionally implemented newly acquired crowd management skills that made them more effective in protecting themselves, the public, and businesses in downtown Seattle.

THE EQUIPMENT – The Bell Super 2R Helmet

The Bell Super 2R helmet is cutting edge equipment that provides the necessary protection for police in riot control situations. The removable chin bar allows Police Officers to have just one helmet that can be used with our without the added face protection.

THE TRAINING – Crowd Management

SPD Bike Squad officers attended internationally recognized training in crowd management and control. These courses were developed by experts in the fields of police, EMS, and security cycling, and are used by public safety agencies around the world. Several SPD Bike Squad Officers, some of whom are longtime veterans of the department, stated it was the best training they had ever attended. As a result, they were the most prepared for May Day 2015 because of the class - Officers stated the training gave them the confidence and skills to execute crowd management maneuvers under highly stressful surroundings, and within a crowd intending to stop the bicycle squads from being effective.


Feedback from Seattle Police Bike Squad Officers:

 “I would like to pass on my heartfelt thank you for the support we have received from the Foundation. This May Day really put how much those contributions can mean to the officers on the street. Those contributions not only made the officers safer but more effective.”

“A significant percentage of individuals in the crowd were prepared for and executed violent criminal behavior. There is no doubt in my mind this group, if left unattended, would have destroyed property at a level not seen since WTO in the downtown core. However, they had to get through the SPD’s Bike Squad. SPD leads the nation in crowd management skills. Crowd Management is difficult for sure, and although we faced one of our biggest challenges with this group, we were the most prepared. This is in large part due to those contributions received from the Seattle Police Foundation.”