The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Women's Leadership Conference

Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole has identified leadership development training as one of her top priorities. The goals of the Seattle Police Department (SPD) Women's Leadership Training Program were to provide all future leaders in the SPD, from the rank of sergeant on up with tailored training opportunities.

The Seattle Police Foundation is proud of the work that Seattle police officers and staff do every day to help make our community a safer place. The Foundation is continually seeking ways to make the Seattle Police Department a world class department. In order to help the SPD work towards an important goal of ensuring female officers are more represented in the department, as well as in leadership positions within the department, SPF applied for, and received, funding from Motorola Solutions Foundation in July of 2014 to bring the Women's Leadership Institute to Seattle.

The IACP/Women's Leadership Institute Program was brought to Seattle, and occurred on May 17 to May 22, 2015. Twenty five Seattle Police Employees, 22 sworn and 3 civilians, were able to attend, and gain valuable knowledge of ethical leadership, effective communication and counseling, understanding stakeholders, leadership and wellness, personal financial management and thoughtful strategic career planning. This aligns with Chief O'Toole's goal of providing support for leadership development for women in law enforcement, and specifically for those working for Seattle Police Department.

Your support of Seattle Police Foundation provides clear, measureable results for making Seattle safer: The Women in Law Enforcement Training was highly interactive and featured senior women instructors and mentors from US and Canadian law enforcement agencies in an intensive experiential learning environment. The science-based and dynamic curriculum integrates the art and science of leadership with professional and personal development strategies of import to women in public safety. SPD was able to send 25 women to the training that began on Sunday May 17th, and concluded on Friday May 22nd. Attendees include sworn officers from the rank of Captain to Officer, as well as 3 civilians.

One of the civilians attending noted, "This course has been a holistic learning experience. The curriculum is a combination of science and theory, applications in the working world and personal development opportunities. The presenters are law enforcement professionals with decades of leadership and policing experience. Their stories and examples of leadership highlights and lowlights are great teaching moments and are closely related to the theories presented."

As the days progressed, the 53 participants (50 sworn and three civilians) from seven states were able to build long lasting relationships, as well as share experiences, challenges and goals. Teamwork was incorporated into each session where groups of 5 or 6 collaborated on a daily challenge. The WLI course was designed to jumpstart and refresh participant's careers and their relationships with colleagues, friends and family.