Peer Support

Public safety personnel are exposed daily to a variety of potentially traumatic events, including human tragedies such as abused and distressed children, the aftermath of domestic violence, horrific motor vehicle collisions, disturbing crime scenes, and disasters. The Peer Support CISM team is trained to recognize the signs of stress in officers, following one of these types of events, to assist officers to develop coping and self-care strategies to alleviate symptoms they may be experiencing. Funds provided by Seattle Police Foundation pay for officers to receive the necessary training to become CISM certified.  Funds also aid the Peer Support HRT, which provides support when an officer or civilian employee is injured or killed in the line of duty. The FSG meets with new recruits and provides information about critical incident stress management, peer support programs, and resilience.

Your support of the Seattle Police Foundation provides clear, measureable results for making Seattle safer:

The CISM team provided assistance to people who are experiencing stress caused by exposure to traumatic events including civilians, SPD officers, and SPD employees.

Helping employees feel like they are back at their normal operational status quickly, is a win for the employee, SPD, and the community they serve.

The HRT responds to law enforcement families who are experiencing the medical emergency of a family member.

The FSG engages lunches with new officers, and provides them with critical information that will continue to help them throughout their careers in law enforcement.