Seattle ACS

Seattle’s Auxiliary Communications Services (ACS) is a volunteer emergency unit made up of volunteer radio operators that help support and augment communications throughout the city in the event of a natural disaster or emergency. ACS is an important unit that helps provide communication when phones are down and provides support for the city and its partner agencies during response and recovery operations. This radio network has emerged as the mechanism for communicating within HUB neighborhoods, across a bigger community and across the city and with city government.

Because this unit is critical for helping maintain contact during emergencies and can help provide law enforcement and relief efforts with critical information during a disaster, SPF helped fund these upgrades for radio and communication equipment, much of which had become outdated.

Your support of Seattle Police Foundation provides clear, measureable results for making Seattle safer:

Foundation funds helped purchase upgraded radio equipment and backup power supplies to help with communication between neighborhoods and city services during emergencies to get people the help they need. ACS was able to procure 3 terminal node controllers (TNCs), which are used for sending text messages and e-mails over the radio system. This functionality has greatly extended and expanded the capability of the system.During times of internet outages this digital system allows ACS to send and receive email and attachments between departments within the city as well as to connect to the internet in a distant location or another state and send e-mails from the city to other agencies including the state EOC, county and FEMA.