Community outreach

Funding from the Foundation provides overall support for the the creation and implementation of an a community policing strategy. It funds several projects that focus on outreach for youth and communities of color. The projects are designed to create positive interaction with a focus on educating the public on police practices and the police department learning about new cultures. The main projects are Youth Employment, East African Community Workshops, and community event activities.

The department conducted a major undertaking by moving all community outreach and engagement efforts under the Micro Community Plan model. The department was actively engaged in attending a variety of events for and actively meeting with the various community advisory councils. SPD continued to be involved with community events by partnering with the Seattle Police Foundation and helping bring Explorers to SPF Precinct Picnics and other activities.


Find It Fix It

This year, the department was engaged in the Mayor’s Find It Fix It Initiative – an app that uses smart phones to report selected issues around the city. South Park was designated as a site to be reviewed by community and city staff due to the high poverty rates. The community had a walkway that was identified by the community as the “Scary Trail”. Leveraging community engagement efforts, the department was able to gather a number of volunteers to clean up the area. This resulted in over 400 hours of service, transforming a weeded, overgrown area into a park-like setting.

Safe Place Initiative

This Safe Place Initiative, an LGBTQ  support project that calls on community members and business to make safe places for those who feel threatened or unsafe due to their sexual orientation, expanded this year. The initiative continues to reach hundreds of businesses and community member creating an important safety network. Other agencies have sought assistance to start a Safe Place in their own communities, including King County Sheriff's Office and the Olympia Police Department.

Youth Police Training

The Youth-Police Training is a one-half-day training designed for police academy recruits, field training officers, and youth.  The curriculum is specifically designed to address disproportionate minority contact (DMC) within the juvenile justice system.  There are four modules, which include facilitated discussions between youth and law enforcement officers.  one of the modules is to help police officers understand adolescent brain development. The officers and youth were given an opportunity to learn about each other and understand their commonalities. The department trained fourteen officers and 120 youth. This pilot phase focused on getting feedback from youth that will help make any needed adjustments to the curriculum.