The Seattle Police Foundation invested in Seattle police officer safety by paying for five rifle-rated ballistic shields (one for each precinct) for deployment in the SPD Patrol Operations Bureau.  The shields are extremely lightweight and well-suited to provide officers with high-powered-rifle protection during responses to high risk incidents.

Patrol officers are almost always the first-responders to high-risk incidents.  SPD and the community asks a lot of them - including assuming great risk to their personal safety in the interest of protecting others.  Increasingly over the years, officers have become the focus of violent acts, many of which are carried out with high-powered rifles - a weapon for which many agencies lack appropriate protective equipment to defend.

This equipment provides enhanced safety of patrol officers responding to high-risk incidents, as well as increased efficiency and effectiveness during incident response, to ensure a safe resolution for all involved.  There is no way to accurately project the number of officers' lives that will be saved by the deployment of these rifle-rated ballistic shields.  Even one life spared is worth every effort made.