The Seattle Police Foundation (SPF) has been purchasing patrol dogs for the Canine Unit since 2003, and has purchased all dogs for the Unit since that time. Previous to 2003, patrol dogs were donated by community members or were puppies raised by the Canine Unit. Neither method was cost effective or came with a guarantee of health or performance. Since the Canine Unit was formed in 1971, the City has never purchased a patrol dog, and they are not a budgeted item for the City. Since 2003, the Canine Unit has been able to purchase quality dogs from reputable kennels, which reduces costs, shortens training time, and provides a better overall patrol dog. Thanks to SPF funding, the department is able to purchase quality dogs that are guaranteed to perform. If the dogs do not respond to training as expected, or experience unexpected health problems, the Canine Unit is able to select an alternate dog from the kennel.