Breakfast with the Chief

Photo Gallery of 2017 Breakfast with the Chief 

Breakfast with the Chief provided an opportunity for the community to hear directly from the Chief of the Seattle Police Department, Kathleen O'Toole.  Our attendees learned about the challenges and successes of running the state’s largest police department. 

​Attendees also had the opportunity to interact with SPD officers who have been directly impacted by Foundation funding, often saving Officer and citizen lives, and keeping our streets safe. 



Foundation Grant Impacts

The Seattle Police Foundation's vision is to promote public safety by supporting and providing resources for the professional development of Seattle's Police Department employees, and by creating community partnerships that encourage citizen participation in enhancing the safety of Seattle.

At this year's Breakfast, we showcased public safety equipment and SPD community partnerships that have enhanced public safety -- all thanks to the generous contributions of our Foundation Donors.

Community Partnerships - Programs that enhance relationships between the community and SPD

  • Seattle Police Activities League (SeaPAL) - Healthy relationships between youth and police
  • Victim Support Team (VST) - On-site crisis intervention and support
  • Safe Place - Raises awareness of hate crimes against LGBTQ community members
  • Community Picnics - provide opportunities for precinct’s surrounding neighborhoods to enjoy a celebration with officers
  • Det. Cookie's Chess Club - helps children develop a strong sense of self

Employee Development - Advanced training and employee recognition programs

  • Bike Unit - training in crowd management and Narcan
  • Peer Support - a team that is trained to recognize the signs of stress in officers 

Police Service Enhancements - Cutting-edge and specialized equipment and technology

  • Bike Unit combat helmets - increasing officer safety
  • Hostage Negotiation Team - saving the lives of those in crisis
  • SWAT: Ops Core High-Cut Helmets and Hearing Protection
  • Ballistic Shields - safer protection for officers
  • Canine - SPD's newest canine officers
  • Mounted Patrol - highly visible and approachable horses that also discourage criminal acts through their presence