Nominations for the 2017 Seattle Police Awards Banquet are now closed! Please contact Diane Pilon at if you have any questions.

AWARD NOMINATIONS are reviewed by a committee of Department employees (sworn and civilian) who evaluate and select award recipients. Award winners will be recognized at the 15th Anniversary Seattle Police Awards Banquet at the Seattle Westin on November 3, 2017.

Award Winners receive 2 complimentary tickets to attend to the Awards Banquet; Nominated Employees (who do not win) receive 1 complimentary ticket; and employees who nominate an Award Winner receive 1 complimentary ticket. Additional tickets will be available for purchase at $50 each.


Permanent SPD full-time or part-time employees are eligible to participate (employees from other City Departments are not eligible.)

Any SPD employee/employee group may nominate any other SPD employee/employee group at any level for an award.

An employee group can consist of a team, a work unit, a squad, or any combination of individuals working together. Please do not make the nomination too broad. If there are multiple employees named in the same nomination, clearly state how each acted in a manner that is commensurate with the standard set for the award. If all do not meet the standard, none will be awarded.




Meritorious Awards are the Department’s highest honors and are given to as many sworn or civilian members meet the criteria of these awards.

Medal of Honor is the Department’s highest award, given out to sworn or civilian employees who selflessly give their life in the line of duty, or distinguish themselves by the performance of an act of courage involving extreme risk or imminent danger, above and beyond the call of duty. The nominee must have acted in the face of extreme risk for his or her own well-being and with full knowledge of the risk, and substantially contributed to the protection of human life and/or been engaged with an armed and/or dangerous adversary.

Medal of Valor is the Department’s second highest award, given out to sworn or civilian employees for an act in the line of duty that involves courage, bravery and significant risk to the life of the individual, under conditions less hazardous than those in the Medal of Honor. The act must have been performed in the face of significant risk without regard for his or her own well-being, and exhibiting courage and bravery in the face of peril in the performance of official duties.

Medal of Courage is the Department’s third highest award, given out to sworn or civilian employees who display courage and bravery in the line of duty, under conditions less hazardous than those in the Medal of Valor and the Medal of Honor categories. The act must have been a superior performance of duty, performed in a highly commendable manner, and based on sound judgment.

Lifesaving Award is awarded to sworn or civilian employees for acting in a significant manner, but not necessarily putting themselves in significant risk, to save or prolong another’s life, either by acting when the life of another was in immediate peril or assisting in the delivery of a child. Nominees must have acted within department policy.


Excellence awards are highly competitive, and up to 10 awards in this category are given out each year to individuals or small teams. Emphasis is placed on performance of duties at a particularly high level where the individual or small team has shown a proven consistency of this level of performance, has tackled a long-standing problem through a creative solution, or has gone above and beyond the expectations of their position to impact a person or event for the better.


Awards in this category are truly distinctive in the Department. They are the most competitive awards with only one winner in each category.

Civilian of the Year A civilian who demonstrates outstanding work on a significant project or projects and exhibits an overall outstanding work ethic, dependable and reliable response to problems, and a tenacity that results in consistently high quality work products.

Officer of the Year A police officer who demonstrates outstanding work on a significant incident, exhibits an exceptional work ethic, positive attitude, and overall willingness to go the extra mile.

Detective of the Year A Detective or Detectives who demonstrate outstanding work on a significant case, exhibit superior work ethic, investigative savvy and tenacity, and consistently produce high-quality work.


There are two community partnership awards. One is given to a community member for their work helping the Department. The other is given to Department members for their work in volunteerism or giving back to the community. These awards are presented on an annual basis in the fall of each year.

Outstanding Public Service is awarded to an individual or small team who has shown a true commitment to public service through volunteering, pro-bono work, fundraising for a cause, or helping a member of the public by giving of their own time or funds. Emphasis is on work or acts performed that have no financial gain to the nominee.

Community Member of the Year is awarded to a member of the community and recognized at the annual awards ceremony. Nominees are selected by each Precinct Captain for work of heroism, helping the police with a criminal case or partnering on a significant community problem.

Only nominations from employees of the Seattle Police Department will be considered. 
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