2017 Annual Award Winners

Message from the Chief - November 3, 2017

Tonight we honor outstanding members of the Seattle Police Department, both sworn and civilian. With admiration and respect, we highlight acts of courage, heroism, and a commitment to excellence. Very sincere congratulations to our deserving award recipients, and also to their loved ones who join us here this evening. We all share great pride in SPD and rightfully so. SPD is consistently recognized as a national leader in 21st Century Policing because our members have embraced reform, championed innovation, and produced remarkable results for our city.

At the same time, we understand that a police service cannot succeed without the support and trust of the community it serves. In that regard, very special thanks to the Seattle Police Foundation for 15 years of unwavering commitment. As extended members of the SPD family, you have supported countless efforts to strengthen our community and enhance officer safety. Please know how much we genuinely appreciate all you’ve done and continue to do.

Very sincerely,

Kathleen M. O’Toole
Chief of Police

Message from the Foundation Board Chair and President & CEO

Welcome to the 16th Annual Seattle Police Awards Banquet, on this 15th Anniversary of the Foundation!

Tonight, we celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of our men and women of the Seattle Police
Department. Since SPD was officially organized on June 2, 1869 our officers have upheld the motto of Service, Pride, Dedication. On this special anniversary we come together to show our deep appreciation for what they do for us every day - keeping us safe, looking out for us when there is a crisis, and putting their life on the line.

Thanks to our corporate and community sponsors – it is a tribute to this community, and the men and women in blue. Your generous support allows the light to shine on our world-class police department.
Through your generosity last year, the Seattle Police Foundation funded nearly $800,000 and 55 different programs and grants - including new equipment for officer safety and public safety, new dogs for the K-9 Unit, and community engagement initiatives building trust and positive relationships between police and the community.

We need your help building new partnerships and supporting existing ones, for improved officer safety, deeper community outreach and preparing for future leadership needs within SPD. The Seattle Police Foundation operates on the premise that a safe and vibrant community is the result of strong partnerships supporting public safety.

We are hopeful that 2018 will be the best year ever for policing. No matter what the outcome, we will be here to support the Seattle Police Department. As the Department prepares for a bright future, please consider raising your paddle high and making a significant donation to support the work we do.

And thank you to the Foundation’s board, staff, volunteers, and supporters. You are at the very core of our mission to raise awareness and support for the Seattle Police Department. Thank you for standing together. Congratulations to the Awardees - we’re proud to showcase the community’s unified support for the men and women protecting our community. Service, Pride, Dedication.

Mark Pinkowski                                                                                         Laura McCloud Mathers
Chairman, Board of Directors                                                                   President & CEO

2017 Seattle Police Awards Banquet Winners

Medal of Honor

Medal of Valor 

​​Civilian of the Year

Officer of the Year

​Detective of the Year

Precinct Officers of the Year