Beds for Kids project


In partnership with the Seattle Police Foundation, the officers have set a goal to provide 600 beds in 2017 so more children in our community can have a good night’s sleep.

                  Donate                        Refer a Child Online Here or call (800) 589-3152

      Save the date of September 30th for the 2017 campaign to culminate in the distribution of more beds.

Your support of Beds for Kids through the Seattle Police Foundation is giving children a better night's rest, and preparing them for a better day at school.

The Beds for Kids Project was started in 2013 by Seattle Police Officers Jeremy Wade and Ryan Gallagher to help provide beds to children in-need - a project inspired after what they witnessed on a routine call in Seattle’s Central District. When Officers Wade and Gallagher arrived at the scene, they witnessed two young girls who were living in a home with their grandparents, both sleeping on the floor without a proper bed of their own. The next day, and with their own money, both officers purchased and set up two IKEA beds for the two young girls.

Seeing the joy these children expressed and realizing that many more children in Seattle are living under similar circumstances, the Beds for Kids Project was born.


We couldn't have given away over 500 beds in the past three years without the generosity of our sponsors. This year they have partnered with us again with a goal of giving 600 beds to kids. Like us, our sponsors believe that no child should have to sleep on the floor.






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Can Seattle police break this record this year?


In 2015, Beds for Kids expanded its efforts, continued its partnership with IKEA and partnered with UPS to help transport beds. In September volunteers from the Foundation, SPD, IKEA, UPS, and friends and family came together after a rigorous fundraising campaign to build, load, and transport IKEA beds to those most vulnerable. 100 beds were delivered throughout Seattle and King County.

In 2016, Beds for Kids provided over 300 beds to children and families in-need throughout our community.